Scripts And Macros For Fusion 5

This page is outdated. You can find updated Fusion stuff on my blog or at Vfxpedia.

SoftClip macro

graph of the function used by SoftClipfunction used by SoftClip

Whenever a float image is converted to an integer format, overbright pixels should be compressed gently instead of clipping them. This macro uses an inverse function akin to 1/x to modify values above a given threshold so that no colour channel will ever exceed 1.
Download macro

Zebra LUT

Zebra LUT applied to an overexposed imageoverexposed image

A setting for the custom tool that is intended to be used as a view LUT. It creates zebra stripes where clipping would occur (colour values ≤ 0 or ≥ 1).
Download setting (goes into Fusion's LUTS: directory)

Soft Edge Detection

edge finder macro at workmacro at work

A soft edge detection can be done by multiplying a channel by its inverted self. By blurring either the original channel or the inverted one before multiplication you can feather the edge to the inside and outside independently. Useful for light wraps, edge blurring and fringe correction.
Download zip file (includes bin icon)

Simple Color Picker

screenshot of color picker macroa sticky color picker

Fusion's color inspector subview is only useful if you have a good memory or lots of sticky notes to write down color values. This macro finally brings the convenience of Photoshop's "sticky" color picker to Fusion. It can display two pickers and allows for pixel-perfect sampling as well as averaging over a 5x5 pixel area. And it looks so nice you'll want to keep it in your final renderings. Updated May 2008: Fixed a problem with z channels.
Download zip file (includes bin icon)

You can also find a modified version at VFXpedia.

Tool Color Labels

screenshot of color labels scriptscreenshot

The Tool Color Changer script shipped with Fusion was a little bit too cumbersome for me. If you want to label your tools in a consistent way and with just a few clicks, this script is for you. Simply call the script, select some tools (or vice versa) and push one of the colorful buttons. The colors can be modified easily inside the script.
Updated June 2009: The smaller and darker buttoms at the bottom will only assign a color to underlays, even if nodes of another type are selected at the same time.
Updated November 2012: includes more buttons and the ability to reset tool colors not to Fusion's factory setting but to the color you might have defined in a custom .setting file inside Fusion's "Defaults:" folder.

Download script (goes into comp script folder)